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Initial Consultation

$400.00 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

Welcome to your Initial Design Consultation!

The jumping off point for any package is an initial consultation. The design consultation will help steer us in the right direction to make sure the service will meet your expectations. Spend this time with me in person or virtually in a 1:1 conversation discussing all things design related to your project.

DIRECTION. That’s the key word with a design consultation.

Let’s meet BEFORE you waste any more time and money making the wrong decisions. This is the perfect chance to talk about your home and get the guidance and direction you need for your home’s project.
With a Design Consultation You'll Get…
The jumping off point for any package/service is an initial consultation.
Let's discuss your project, gain an understanding of the scope and your expectations so we can make a plan forward together.
After the design consult if you wish to proceed, you will receive a design proposal ( for full service clients) or one of our package recommendations for our online design clients.
You will either approve the design proposal and make your deposit or purchase your online design package. This will kick start the on-boarding process to get you and your project set up inside the design studio.
Getting Started....
Step One
You will begin by purchasing this package, "Design Consultation" (on this page). You will set up your secure account in MyDoma (our online platform to manage our working relationship). Once completed, you will have access to all of the tools necessary for your project. On the left column of your Studio is where you will find your To-Do List. First, complete the Questionnaire. This will prepare Marigold for your consultation.
Once the Questionnaire has been submitted, you will receive a Welcome Packet in your Studio to approve (located in Files and Media). Next, use the Appointment tab to view Marigold’s calendar and book your Design Consultation over Zoom or in person (local clients).
Once your consultation is complete, Marigold will email a summary including everything you talked about along with your design proposal (full service clients) or a link to the recommended online design package (online clients)
Please be sure to provide your phone number and email address; once your time and date are confirmed, we will contact you directly for your consult. These emails sometimes end up in your spam/promotions folder so be sure to keep an eye out for any communication from Marigold.
Please prepare for the consult as much information as possible to help Marigold answer your questions quickly and accurately.
And take the first step toward home happiness!

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